MacDonald-Bedford’s Services

To us, business is a calling. You demand not only profitability but also excellence. To MacDonald-Bedford, your business success is our calling… our raison d’etre.

When it is right time and place for the value-added contributions of a specialist, know that MacDonald-Bedford has the character and competence to provide a high rate of return on your investment… your investment in our services. We focus on defining the unique needs of each client and devising strategies to enhance clients’ performance and enable achievements of their most far-reaching goals. We lend a special hand to the necessity of stakeholder management keeping close to our promise of “No Surprises” services.

Is MacDonald-Bedford the right professional services firm, the right consultant for you? Equal in importance to our record of service are the principles for which we stand. We are driven to incorporate the attributes of integrity, industry, insight, and intelligence into all that we do. At MacDonald-Bedford we measure our success by the lasting value produced by our services and the trust you continue to place in us. It is the unique blend of our conceptual insights, emotional intelligence and technical skills that differentiates us from our competitors.

To those with a passion for excellence, committed to conscientious stewardship of the human and natural resources in their charge, achieving your highest goals may seem impossible. Place your trust in MacDonald-Bedford to help you realize the impossible.

North American Industrial Classification System

Construction Management (NAICS 236220)
Architectural and Engineering (NAICS 541330)
General Management Consulting (NAICS 541611)
Environmental Consulting (NAICS 541620)
Energy, Safety and Security Consulting (NAICS 541690)
Management Developing Training (NAICS 611430)
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Special Expertise

MacDonald-Bedford prides itself in its success in providing a full-compliment of services to its clients. In addition to our in-house staff, MacDonald-Bedford has extensive alliances with firms, that are leaders in their fields, that complete our capabilities. Over the years, however, M-B has developed special expertise in key areas.

Commissioning (to include retro- and de-commissioning)
Fire Protection Engineering
Program and Project Controls
Risk Management
Value Engineering

Market Sectors

Energy & Environment
Science & Technology (R&D)
Surface Transportation
Utilities & Site Development
Water Resources