MacDonald-Bedford seeks candidates for employment who are technically competent, are of high moral character and have a genuine desire to enrich the lives of others. If you want consideration as a candidate, you must be thoroughly grounded in the technical mandates of your profession, have cultivated a vision for the broad holistic nature of organizations and have a heightened sensitivity towards the human element of work.

We seek candidates who readily can declare support for the vision of M-B to become a “Built To Last” legacy company, have a passion for excellence, and adhere to the highest principles in the conduct of their work. We expect all employees to buy into and practice our ‘7 Cs’ culture. i.e. to Communicate readily, Collaborate freely, seek Consensus, Commit faithfully, adhere to its Constitution, practice Creativity and Celebrate joyfully.

Even though the law demands that employees have a fiduciary responsibility of loyalty, obedience, communication, best effort and stewardship, M-B provides a more detailed explanation of how these responsibilities translate into expectations.

We expect each candidate to provide to us a full curriculum vitae to include accomplishments in each position held, eight (8) references, and a cover letter describing any compensation requirements.

For more information, please contact the M-B Human Relations Department at