Whom MacDonald-Bedford Serves

President Coolidge stated that “the chief ideal of the American people is idealism.”  That idealism is evident in all sectors of enterprise.  Our nation‘s professional organizations promote not only standards of performance but also demand adherence to the highest ideal of ethical behavior.  As common to our AEC industry, we have an extraordinary drive to invent, improve and perform – an implacable desire to succeed. We look to a multitude of heroes in all sectors: intrepid, innovative, dynamic leaders who are undaunted by the impossible.

MacDonald-Bedford recognizes that the successful delivery of projects, efficient operations and productive people are necessary to all thriving organizations. Certainly, there are unique features to government work versus private enterprise or non-profit institutions – a uniqueness driven perhaps by a difference in risks and incentives, measurements of accountability, acquisition of operating funds etc. The need to maximize the use of resources and the necessity of attracting, developing and retaining talented people, however, could not be more alike.

MacDonald-Bedford shares in your enthusiasm for excellence, in your drive to succeed and in your quest to realize the impossible. We know the importance of each project in propelling an organization towards its goals. We can manage any aspect of constructing new facilities whether it be in planning, design, construction, commissioning or the like; and, we can do the same for sustainment, restoration and modernization efforts. M-B can help you plan, organize and control your operations to realize the maximum return from your resources. Our professional development & training services ensure that your greatest asset, your people, lead and manage your organization to ever higher achievements.

To those with passion for excellence, committed to conscientious stewardship of the human and natural resources in their charge, peace of mind may seem impossible. Place your trust in MacDonald-Bedford to help you realize the impossible.

MacDonald-Bedford Serves All Sectors:

  • Private Enterprise 

    For most industries, the forgiving nature of a robust economy over previous decades has transitioned into a tight, competitive market where survival favors the fittest. Firms that best anticipate the economic landscape and are most aggressive in achieving improved efficiencies will realize improved profitability, grab greater market share, attract the best talent and best weather the current economy. Better yet, ensuring project and operational excellence, achieved through corporate discipline and habit-forming practices, will lay the foundation for long-term corporate advancement. To that end, Mac-Donald-Bedford can help you do what’s necessary, then attack what’s possible and suddenly “Realize the impossible”.

  • Government Agencies

    Government entities demand professionals who can integrate their various systems among a variety of offices…each with its own history, culture and stakeholders interest. MacDonald-Bedford holds considerable expertise in maximizing the productive potential of the physical plant through facilities assessments, master planning, feasibility studies, design & engineering as well as construction management. Whether integrating project factors, fixing upon the most cost-effective initiatives for organization effectiveness or bringing out the best in the talent at hand, MacDonald-Bedford has the experience and the expertise to help you achieve success. Quickly, we have you doing what’s necessary, then attacking what’s possible and suddenly you “Realize the impossible”.

  • Non-Profit Institutions 

    The tragedy of September 11th thrust into a bright spotlight one of the fastest growing sectors of our society. Approximately $350 Billion is contributed each year to over 1.6 million non-profit charitable, social welfare and ideological institutions. Private grant-making philanthropic foundations, approaching 86,000 in number nationwide, hold over $700 billion in assets. New campaign finance laws, in effect after 5 November of 2012, likely will divert considerable sums of soft money to non-profit political communities. Clearly, to maximize delivery of monies to meet the purpose and intent of these philanthropic efforts, great care must be exercised by those who hold stewardship of these resources. MacDonald-Bedford has the where-with-all to assist this essential sector to achieve performance and accountability goals.